My New space

Been working hard this week on my new living space, also know as , my new consevatory! ๐Ÿ™‚

Its alot of work but its getting there, really am looking forward to jamming to a few records on my new furniture set that should be arriving tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

Picked up a great deal from
Cannot wait to get it all in and have the family over ๐Ÿ™‚
Enjoy your afternoon


Looking for the perfect BBQ?

With the birds churping earlier each morning, it is no secret summer is just round the corner. I like most other men see summer, as BBQ season, and the key to the perfect summer garden party, is of course the BBQ.

Being the center peice of the partys organisation, it is vital you secure a great BBQ, not one that leaves you with a peice of charcoal that slight resembles a once glorius sausage, but with a succulent peice of cooking perfection!.

I have found a great website to help you decide what BBQ is for you this summer and summer to come.

Beefeaterbbqs offers great reviews from consumers and manufacturers alike.
I hope this helps point you in the right directions, i for one have found it a great help, and purchased a brilliant BBQ thanks to the wise words of Beefeaterbbqs , and there are many more fine cook-ups to come under the midyear sun.

Have a nice day!

The Daily Post ask – What is the perfect crime?

Febuary 17th The Daily Post Question – What is the perfect crime?

Describe the perfect crime
Posted on February 17, 2011 by Scott Berkun| 20 Comments

Topic #49

This one is not from Itโ€™s from the dark, twisted recesses of my own mind:

Describe the perfect crime. A crime that could take place somewhere you know, or at a company youโ€™ve heard of, or even in the future or the past. Something where either itโ€™d be impossible to get caught, or that somehow no one (who didnโ€™t deserve it) would be hurt.

Bonus: by definition, is a perfect crime ever possible

My answer :

This is a really interesting question, and in fact, it is the question that has made me decide to add “The Daily post”‘s daily questions to a section of my blog.
I am a fan of the hit bbc drama “The Hustle”, a tv show that week after week shows you a perfectly executed con (therefor crime) in a drama layout. The actors suit their roles perfectly, and the programme keeps you guessing from start to finish. Always hitting the viewer with a “sucker punch” of a twist at the end. However i am now going slightly off topic, but i highly recommend you check out the back catalogue of episodes (there are a fair few), and even Stateside reads can stream it over the net.

The reason i mentioned the hustle, is that for the question at hand, i feel it is very important to mention the work of proffessional con artists.

Conmen have been around since the dawn of business, if there is money involved, there is always a possible con, and involves a very smart, quick witted, smooth talking and confident personl. It is fair to say not any “John Smith” off the street can be a conman.

Now i could narate an episode of “The Hustle” to you, as it would by far answer the question, “What is the perfect crime” but i don’t wish to be lazy with my answer, nor ruin the episodes for those interested in checking them out.

Instead i am going to put to you, the reader, my definition of what i believe to be a perfect crime!

A perfect crime is a one in which the victim (also known as the mark) does not know of the crime, till the offender is untraceable. A crime soo perfect, that when the victim realises they have been conned, or the crime has been commited. It is too late, and they have no evidence to stand against in the court of law, even if they do find the criminal!

I am a firm believer that conmen are lawbreakers and are morally corrupt individuals, but there is no hiding that it is a proffession, and an interesting and impressive one at that.

So that to me, is THE perfect crime.

If this blog has interested you, the links are on the page to check out the show, which is both entertaining and educational to the way of the conman.

Also i thought you might enjoy “Conman Lingo!”, also entertaining.

Have a nice day!

Ear Defenders Needed!

Crazy Genre Mix ups on shuffled playlists!


After reading an amusing blog on subject of ipods, i have decided to post my views on how RUDELY intrupted your listening experience can be, with the complete mix up of genres on a shuffle.

Now i know, that yes you can choose to listen to Genres, Artists, Specific playlists of your choice and creation.

However i bet everyone has experienced that moment, where your listening to a chilled out acoustic track, and your close to cloud 9… Shortly followed by maybe some Bring Me The Horizon, or Job for A Cowboy (I have neither of those on my ipod currently, they are just bands i know that can blow your ear drums.

It just made me laugh to see a popular blog of today “my ipod is Making me Crazy” speak on this topic, and how soo many responses were formed of a similar nature.
I guess what we can derive from this blog and topic, is that us music listeners are often tooo lazy now days to make “playlists” or bother with anything but Shuffle!
We are always on the go, and any avid music fan will tell you, “if its on my ipod, i don’t mind when it plays, because i love it all, hence why its on my ipod!”

Anyways, a bit of morning banter, But made for a good read


Im not alone on this!

I hate it when i fall asleep with my ipod in and a really loud song comes on. on โ™ฅ

Day 3!

Its early!

My mood this morning

Is very good, when David Villa scored for Barcelona last night, i thought i was going to be heading to bed in a bad mood!.

But thank you Robin Van Persie and Andrei Arshavin for saving me from that!

What im doing today?

Another day in the office ๐Ÿ™‚ Then anothing chilled out evening.

In my spare time im going to look into some new blogs, check out the subscribes! and look how to optimize my social networking some more!

Have a Nice day All!

Tonights Game

If you didn’t know, im an Arsenal fan!

What does this mean?

This means i shall be watching the Arsenal vs Barcelona Game on ITV1 and my hopes are high!

Now i know last time the two teams met last year, it all ended in a bit of a shambles for Arsenal. However there is no doubting, that where they are at now as a team, is far more developed than last time we encountered the spanish side. With some key players look fit and ready , V.Persie , S.Nasri, T.Walcott im hopeful that we won’t be swept into the spanish seas again.

What i hope?

  • We set a comfortable pace!
  • Score a goal!
  • Not show them the amount of respect we did last time, as it was at the cost of confidence and performance!
  • Day two of wordpress

    Second day of using wordpress, and i did have a look at alot of blogs yesterday, and have already found some favourites. In which there was no hesitation to subscribe.

    Check out :
    Donald Miller’s Blog

    A great blog, amusing , and a vivid use of description which made me smile (even if it is about how annoying us youngens are)

    That is all for now, but when i have time, i’ll surf some more.
    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚


    Found this one this morning, (however i found Don’s yesterday), and we were linked merely on the tags we use to describe our blogs!

    It made for a nice read, and if your into a more personal side to blogging, i recommend!

    Nisha 360’s blog!

    Thanks again!